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Lough of Legends Stories!

Quick Details

Upper Deck - Single Seat Ages 15+
Picnic Table (3 Adults) Ages 15+ • Min 1 adult aged 18+
Picnic Table (Family of 4 • 2A + 2C) 2 Adults (15+) + 2 Children (0-14) • Min 1 adult 18+
Picnic Table (4 Adults) Ages 15+ • Min 1 adult aged 18+
Picnic Table (Family of 5 • 2A + 3C) 2 Adults (15+) + 3 Children (0-14) • Min 1 adult 18+
Extra Seat Add up to 2 extra chairs to your table

Cruise To Haulbowline Lighthouse

Available dates: 28th May, 10th June, 24th June, 2nd July, 8th July, 23rd July, 19th August,   27th August, 10th September

Our Lough & Lighthouse Cruise takes you to view the iconic Haulbowline Lighthouse, guarding the entry to Carlingford Lough. This unique cruise offers you the opportunity to come within 400 meters of this imposing lighthouse, where we share with you its remarkable history.

We turn at the lighthouse and cruise back towards Carlingford where we explore the outer area of the Lough and share with you the many stories and myths that make this area famous; ‘the Lough of Legends.’

While onboard, enjoy an audio tour and live music and dancing as you cruise. Food and drink services also available onboard.

Board the cruises at our terminals at either Greenore, Co. Louth or Greencastle, Co. Down, and begin your cruise along this panoramic Lough area. Learn the stories of the famous myths and legends of the Lough. Be sure to keep an eye out for Finn, Carlingford Lough’s resident dolphin, as we depart. He’s sure to pop up and say hello!